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Plasticade Barricade

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The Plasticade Barricade gives positive and authoritative directions in traffic situations day or night. They store easily and are equipped with built-in handles for easy carrying. Extraordinary durability and zero maintenance. Are your crosswalks and co-workers safe from oncoming traffic? Put some in stock today!

Plasticade Barricades come in your choice of color: Orange, Yellow or White.

Plasticade BarricadesPlasticade Barricades are NCHRP 350 Approved and Federal Highway Administration Certified. The blow molded hollow design can be ballasted internally with 5 lbs. of sand per side giving a total internal ballast weight of 10 lbs.

Plasticade Barricades feature molded in handles for mounting a flashing light, "click-lock" hinges for a positive interlock in the open position. They have a sand-bag bar on the bottom if additional weight is required. Plasticade Barricades are very safe, very durable and very visible.

Choice of printing options:
Stenciled Name - Company names can be stenciled on the unit for identification.
Fusion-Baked Name - Unique indelible bonding process wherein the inks become homogenous with the plastic which will NOT rub-off or be chemically removed.

Plasticade Barricades

Item #Description 1-2021-5051+

T-100No Sheeting$59.99$58.99Call

T-100-EGEG Grade$69.99$67.99for

T-100-HiHi Intensity $79.99$78.99pricing

Diamond Grade or Type II Please call!

Flashing Barricade Lights

8008Standard Flashing Light $35.99$33.99Call

8009LED Flashing Light $46.99$45.99Call

Plasticade Barricades And Jersey Barriers
All barricades are tested for
crashworthiness and meet
NCHRP-350 guidelines.
Plasticade Barricades And Jersey Barriers

* Plasticade Barricades provide 2' x 1' of reflective material in either sign legends or barricade stripes. That's 2 square feet of sheeting!
* Plastic units won't damage impacting vehicles and are reusable up to 17 impacts and driveovers. minimize insurance costs and liability!
* They feature molded in handles for mounting a flashing light, "click-lock" hinges and are molded hollow for easy ballasting with sand!

Plasticade Barricades And Jersey Barriers
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