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Safety and Traffic Control Laser Flares

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Police Safety and Traffic Control Laser Flare
The Safety and Traffic Control Laser Flare® is a compact and durable alternative to traditional incendiary flares. Safer to use, no igniting and no fumes.

Price: $25.99 each

Advantages of Laser Flare®
Bright - Can be seen at night from over a mile away.
Safe - No striking, No igniting, No fumes to breathe, No sparks in your eyes.
No Fire - No potential fuel or roadside fires.
Fast and Easy - Takes only seconds to turn on and set out in an emergency.
Stable - Will not blow over or roll away in winds.
Continous - Protects workers with continous flashing, does not burn out in 30 minutes.
Reusable - Runs on two AA batteries that provide over 500 hours of continous flashing light.
No Trash - Does not leave any trash in the street.
No Waste - Turn off and pick up when done, no wasted burn off.
No Damage - Does not burn the street or cause damage.
Compact - Easily stored in trunk of vehicle.
Durable - Can be run over by 30,000+ lbs vehicle.

Made in U.S.A.

Save Lives!
  • Maintain a safe working environment.
  • Secure the environment easily and safely.
Save Money!
  • Save thousands of dollars over the use of incendiary (fire) flares.
  • Reduce injuries and damage caused by incendiary flares.
  • Save street resurfacing costs.

Visiblity in dark, clear conditions - 1 mile
Operating time - 500+ hours
Color - Ultra bright red
Flash rate - 56-59 per minute
Weight with batteries - 6 oz.
Battery shelf life - 5 years
Operating temps - -10 to +140° F
Batteries included - 2 AA alkaline
Warranty - commercial, 90 days
Housing - High impact plastic
Length - 3.75 inches
Width - 4.25 inches
Height - 1 inch

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