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Tuff Traxx 3 Slot Cable Protectors

Heavy duty modular hose covers designed for use indoors or out. The are ideal for protecting both cables and hoses from vehicle traffic and can withstand a load of up to 13,000 lbs. They accomodate and protect hoses or cables up 2-1/4". They feature a bright yellow hard rubber cover for maximum visibility. Each unit is 3 feet long and units snap together to extend coverage to any length you may desire. The high visibilty and durabilty of these cable covers reduce liability and risk of tripping.

Roadtech Hose Protectors

3-Slot Cable Covers
Product#: CP3-36-GP
1-10: $234.99 per 3 foot unit
11-25+: $224.99 per 3 foot unit

Roadtech Cable Covers

Tuff Traxx 5 Slot Cable Protectors

  • Non-conductive shock barrier protection
  • Rounded dividers protect cables from snags and tears
  • T-style connecotr interlocks for secure operation
  • Hinged lid for easy cable loading
  • Rugged, all-weather polyurethane construction
  • Tread plate surface for increased traction
  • Clearly identifiable molded safety warning symbols
  • Tapered end caps provide gradual egress
  • Compact design for easy handling and storage
  • Meets NEC & OSHA requirements 21,000 lbs/axle (10,500 lbs/tire) load capacity
  • Large capacity (1.3 inch) 5-slot linear sections

5-Slot Cable Covers
Product#: CP5-36-GP
1-10: $274.99 per unit
11-25+: $264.99 per unit

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Roadtech Cable Covers

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